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What's happening with the Conference on the Future of Europe? – with Robert Micallef

Episode Summary

The Conference on the Future of Europe is an initiative that intends to bring all the voices in the EU together to chart a course for the future of the bloc. In this episode, Will Murray speaks to Robert Micallef about what’s happening with this initiative, when and how it's likely take place, and how citizens can make the most of it.

Episode Notes

At the end of 2019, the European Parliament and European Commission put forward a proposal for a 'Conference on the Future of Europe'. In it, they envisaged a discussion that would bring together the three legislative institutions of the European Union – the Parliament, the Commission and the Council – for a broad consultation process with the participation of the EU member-states, experts and civil society (including academia, think tanks, professional unions and organisations) and citizens. 

The conference was to last for two years, and include discussions of all the issues facing the European Union with a view to making it more united and sovereign. These were to include the fight against climate change and environmental challenges, an economy that works for people, social fairness and equality, Europe's digital transformation, promoting our European values, strengthening the EU's voice in the world, as well as shoring up the Union's democratic foundations. But one year on, where do we stand with this?

In this episode, Will Murray speaks to Robert Micallef, a co-chair of the European Network of Political Foundations' working group on the future of Europe, about:

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